The Wicked King Review!

image_6483441Thank you to Edelweiss and Little Brown for sending me a copy of this book! I am so incredibly grateful.

I…when is book three coming out again?

I enjoyed The Cruel Prince so much but I absolutely loved The Wicked King. This book was so much more politically charged and with that, every scene’s stakes were multiplied but a thousand. This was a wonderful upgrade from the physical fighting scenes in book one that pale in comparison to these. This book has upgrades in every single aspect and it was such an amazing read that leaves you literally leaning over the book, unable to stop reading.

Another wonderful thing in this book was the character relationships and interactions. Especially with Jude and Cardan. Having everyone play diplomat and be outwardly proper while having a knife behind their back was absolutely excellent and made this book so great. I noticed, in this book in particular, that this was a story truly about two antiheroes and how they interact. There is no real foil to their actions and that makes way for some interesting events to take place.

The last third of this book absolutely wrecked my heart so if you need me, I’ll be in the corner in disbelief until 2020 when book three comes out.


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