Why I Love Alec Lightwood.

For those of you who don’t know, Alec is my favorite Shadowhunter Chronicles character. Also my favorite character of all time.
I have a whole story/speech about why I love Alec as an individual character and only a little bit of it has to do with Malec.
But in a nutshell, Alec is a conflicted character when we first meet him. Cassie has written some really great passages about him being almost sorry for his own existence and feeling inadequate which I can kind of relate to on a personal level. Alec has this amazing arc in the books where he not only has progression for himself, but his world around him too. I love that Alec through out the books, with the help of his friends and his relationship with Magnus is able to realize that, as Matt has said, that his feelings are not wrong and he is just as worthy as Jace and Izzy.
I also love how Alec is not like any other Shadowhunter in the books, at least the first 2-3. In The Bane Chronicles, we see Alec going to the aid of a werewolf whom he is not supposed to protect but he does anyway because he sees someone who needs help like he needs as well. He tells her that she has done nothing wrong and that she is going to be okay, unlike any other Shadowhunter who probably would have just gotten into a fight to stop the situation. Alec took the time to stop the werewolf and comfort her, to make her feel like she is not a monster or abnormal, the latter being what Alec felt about himself at the time. Alec is not the arrogant, overconfident warrior that his peers are in the beginning and it just adds a whole other level to his development.
I also love how open Alec becomes in the books. The difference from CoB to CoHF is astounding. In the first book, he would not really interact with others and talk to them unless he was spoken to and most of the time, he was brooding. In the last book, and in the novellas, he is much more open about his feelings -even if he hates talking about them- and even cracks a joke or two. His self confidence grows from his relationship with Magnus as well as support from his friends and fellow Shadowhunters and Downworlders telling him that he inspired them to be themselves and defy convention.
I also love the Malec pairing because I think that it was a great catalyst for Alec to start to gain some more self confidence in himself and know what it’s like to be romantically loved. I may not love when they fight, but I like that they don’t tend to fight about petty things, but wanting to make each other better and to be there for each other as long as possible because they care so much. I also love how real their relationship is, that it’s not always happy, that they have their ups and downs like everyone else. I also love Alec’s relationship with his siblings and parents, especially after CoG. His parents might take a little bit, but after he comes out, his friends are there to back him up and support him, which I love too. I also love his friendships, especially with Simon in Born to Endless Night.
I love that Alec becomes more comfortable in his own skin in the books and is not a caricature of the ‘gay’ character but is a real human being who just happens to be gay. Cassie has written him so well and I think that many people can relate to being ashamed of who you are because of whatever reason but then we can also relate to finding something great in our life, like Alec found Magnus and confidence that gives us the strength to get out of the rut that we are in.
I didn’t mean for this to be really long but Alec is just one of my all time favorites and he is just so great.
Thank you Cassandra Clare or creating him and doing right by him (:

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