TMI vs. TID Tag!

Questions found from the lovely Emmmabooks on her video (:

I am a huge fan of the books so it seems fitting (: Hope you enjoy!


DISCLAIMER: If I have to choose between two things, just understand that I love them both so much but just prefer one slightly over the other, like if I had to rank them, they would be millimeter apart. I love Will and I love Jace for example, but this is what I would choose.

  1. Favorite main character (Clary or Tessa)

Definitley Tessa for me. I didn’t really start loving Clary until City of Ashes and even then, she wasn’t my favorite but I still love her. I have found a new respect for her while rereading the books but, she still isn’t a character that I all together love. Tessa on the other hand is someone that I can identify with and a main character that was doing the same things that I would in the situation. I also empathized with Tessa a lot more than I did Clary and I found myself really feeling the emotions with her.

2. Favorite Herondale (Jace or Will)

Will. Like with Clary, Jace is not my favorite, I was much more of an Alec, Izzy and Magnus fan while reading the books but Jace was still a really good character. But I just really love Will, personally I think that he is more fleshed out in his character and I found myself feeling with him more so than with Jace. Like with Clary, I have a new found respect and love for Jace while I am rereading the books but I would still say Will.

3. Favorite Love triangle (Simon, Jace, Clary or Will, Tessa, Jem)

Will, Tessa and Jem. The feelings alone are enough. This is the only acceptable love triangle EVER and I just love all the love that is shared between the trio so so much (: Simon, Jace and Clary was not a love triangle, only Simon thought they were.

4. Favorite villain (Sebastian or the Magister)

Here’s the thing, both Valentine and the Magister didn’t do it for me in regards to being the villain of their stories. They just didn’t scare me or give me that feeling of edge when they were in the scene. However, Sebastian scares the living shit out of me. I honestly cannot tell you what exactly it is about him but he just has something to him that makes me extremely freightened and on high alert whenever he is in a scene. He’s my favorite villain of all time so I would say that in any scenario, I choose him.

5. Better army (clockwork or dark army)

I have to give a half point to each here, there are aspects of both armies that make me scared of them and respect them so I honestly cannot choose one over the other.

6. Better first book (City of Bones or Clockwork Angel)

Clockwork Angel. I had the time of my life reading this book, twice now, and I just really love it. I think, compared to Bones, the writing just flows a bit better and the characters run the story more so than the plot which I really enjoyed. I recently reread Bones and I loved it so much more this time around, but I still prefer Angel.

7. Favorite female sidekick (Izzy or Cecily)

This is a terrible question. Don’t make me choose. Half a point to each. Who allowed this question to exist? This is like asking me to choose between Alec and Will, like I will pick both. Two of my all time favorite female characters and just characters in general.

8. Better setting (NY or London institute)

In their respective time periods, I would have to say that I would prefer to live in the NY Institute and vacation in the London Institute. I just think they are run in a similar fashion so that doesn’t really matter and that I love both casts of characters too much to choose just one. So half a point to each.

9. Favorite Last book (CoHF or CP2)

Both. I’m sorry! This is too hard! I love how Clockwork Princess gives you all the feelings and gives you a satisfying end to a wonderful series but I also love how City of Heavenly Fire does that too! If I had, had to choose, I would say .75 points to Princess and .25 points to Heavenly Fire. Both of them are amazing and I’m not sorry.

10. Better epilogue (CoHF or CP2)

This one has to be Princess. I feel that the epilogue to Heavenly Fire, while being amazing, served mostly as a bridge between TMI and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy and TDA while the epilogue in Princess really wrapped up the trio’s story quite nicely. Princess for this one.


TMI vs. TID = 2.75 vs. 7.25


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