Fans and Fandoms

So I went to a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child midnight release party last night at Books of Wonder. It was a lot of fun, even though there was not quite enough space or enough to do for three and a half hours, it was really enjoyable. Now I did not personally read all the books until recently because I was not a big fan of reading as a kid and because they just weren’t my thing at the time. I am a huge fan of the movies and since I’ve started reading again, I picked up  the entire series and read them straight through. I absolutely loved them and could see why it means so much to people.

Fast forward to 11:30PM. Books of Wonder, as per usual, did numbered tickets which dictate your place in line. They separated the lines and tickets by house and had four lines. At around 11:40PM, the first few of each line were able  to wait by their corresponding table until midnight. To pass the time, they did Harry Potter trivia to see which first person in line would receive their book first. I was the first in line for Hufflepuff (I’m actually a Ravenclaw but you couldn’t request tickets based on your actual house because of equal distribution). Now, these questions were very detailed except for about two, so naturally I tried my best to answer them but I only got so close, but not all the way to correct. Slytherin table ended up winning and we sand Happy Birthday to Harry and counted down to midnight and we all got our books. Everything was great.

I’m reading Cursed Child this afternoon and I decide to go on Twitter and I see a post from someone I really like saying something to the effect of “when the people at the front of the line can’t get the trivia questions right #whyareyouhere”. This really got to me and really ruined my day because I really don’t think that its right to say. There’s no requirement of Harry Potter knowledge needed to get into this event. Also, you are still a fan even if you don’t know every single detail. I’m sorry that I’m not up to par with your level of being a fan for this series because I don’t fully know the answer to a trivia question.

And I know that it wasn’t meant in a mean way and that it was very late at night and people were antsy for the book but its just wrong. There was the whole issue of “Real” and “Fake” readers a few months ago and now this. No one should be telling or even hinting at anyone that they should not be at any event because they don’t know every single detail about the books or whatever its for.

Also, readers come to fandoms to escape a reality in which they might not be treated well or have a lot of people to lean on and if you tell them that they are inadequate in anyway, you are just being mean and really kind of rude. And a lot of readers, like myself, might take this as some kind of a personal attack on themselves and start to feel really bad about themseleves because they don’t live up to your expectations of a fan, and thats not what fandom is about. Just please watch what you say and post please (:

Some of you might disagree with me, and thats fine but this just really got to me today and I thought if I wrote it out, I might feel a little bit better.

Anyway, back to Cursed Child. See you again soon (:

Happy Reading and Happy Harry Potter Reading!

-Ashley (:


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