History Is All You Left Me Review!


Thank you to SoHo Teen and Edelweiss for providing me with an early digital copy of this book and thanks to Barnes and Noble B-Fest for an early physical copy of this book. All opinions are my own. 

History Is All You Left Me comes out on January 17th, 2017!


Adam Silvera’s debut, More Happy Than Not, was one of the most unique books I read last year, shedding light on harsh emotions and making you feel everything as the characters do. That story of struggling to accept yourself stuck with me so much that when I was able to get my hands on History Is All You Left Me in a digital e-ARC, I jumped on it and hit that request button faster than I could blink. The next day, I was happily surprised to see Adam’s new book in physical form at Barnes & Noble’s B-Fest, where I was able to pick up a physical copy. I read from the physical copy, but that doesn’t really matter. I thought the story in Adam’s sophomore novel read a bit smoother than Happy and his storytelling technique has just gone up a notch or maybe twenty.

In describing Happy to people who have not yet read it, I often find myself saying that its beautiful and heart wrenching but it was also a bit on the weird side as the story sometimes felt a bit rushed and twisty at times. That was not the case in History, not at all. This novel takes a real look of how someone who is dealing with horrible grief can either make themselves better from it or destroy themselves and crack from it. Griffin shows both of these sides in spades. He shows how grief can turn a person to hatred and spite and he also shows how accepting help and love from others can make you better. I thought that Adam showed both sides of how grief effects beautifully. I also loved the characters in this novel and I found myself feeling for them and loving watching  their relationships developed over the course of time. The format in this book was also interesting and made the reader feel the emotions along with Griffin.

My only complaint about this book was something I think the reader was supposed to feel, a small contempt for Griffin in his decision making throughout the book. Through the middle, it made me start to dislike his character until he came back around.


Happy reading!

-Ashley (:


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