A Court of Mist and Fury Mini Review!


Short mini review for this beauty! Trying to condense all my thoughts into something not too long (: Excited for book 3!

4.5 stars (:

I had some problems with this book, especially in the middle, but near the last third, it was so amazingly fantastic. The writing as always is fantastic and the new characters are amazing (:

The Problems:

#1- It simply was too long. Some scenes felt like they were describing and showing for no reason and I wanted more of the plot and the romance or some characters interactions.

#2- Tamlin. I know people who aren’t reading this book because of his character change. I agree that it wasn’t really warranted to have him change so drastically, but we do have some backstory that we didn’t know in ACOTAR that attribute to why.

#3- I think being in first person POV does this book a disservice. ToG has a third person narrator that is able to go around to all the characters while here it is only Feyre and what she sees. This is starting to change in the very end but it caused a lot of confusion for me at some points in the middle.

#4- Rhys kind of felt a little watered down. Sometimes he was the villain I really liked in ACOTAR and sometimes he felt too vulnerable than I would think would go with his character. Still liked him though (:



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