Stars Above Review!



Just a short little review of each story because I loved this so much! I’m going to miss this world but I am excited to see what’s in store from Marissa next!

The Keeper (5/5)

It was really interesting to see just how big a role Scarlet’s grandmother actually played in the overall storyline! It was also nice to see more of Scarlet’s father and how much of an absolute jerk he is and reaffirm that we hate him even more now. I felt Scarlet and her grandma’s relationship so much more deeply here and it was amazing. It was also interesting to see how Cinder was cared for after the events of Fairest.

Glitches (5/5)

It broke my heart to see Peony again…just all of the feelings. It was interesting to see Cinder’s stepfather in present time only because he was already dead in Cinder. He added this whole other level to Adri’s character and gave her, like Levana in Fairest, the smallest level of validation. Still not okay though. Peony and Cinder playing was so cute and all the Cinderella references really shined through.

The Queen’s Army (5/5)

This was actually a re-read for me. I’m one of the people that absolutely love Wolf’s character, I felt super bad for him in the main series, and even more so here. To read about how Levana has manipulated these people into feeling just made me sick. I liked seeing the little scene with Wolf’s mother that gets expanded on in Winter, it was really cute! Just reading in detail about what happened to Wolf and how he was feeling just made me sick. I’m glad he’s found happiness with Scarlet know…but we’ll get to that later.

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky (4.75/5)

I always meant to read this one but just never got around to it. I’m glad I read it now though because it just made me love Thorne so much more. Seeing his family life as one of privilege was very jarring and to see someone so resourceful failing math class was interesting. I love how we got to see his compassionate side start to come out with Kate and now even more so with Cress. His ambition to become a captain really made me smile.

After Sunshine Passes By (4.5/5)

It was interesting to see how Cress ended up on the satellite in the first place. Sybil is still a raging bitch. And again, to hear how the Lunars treat people who don’t meet their standards just made me cringe. Cress was so sweet when she was singing and that tugged at my heart.

The Princess and the Guard (10/5)

My favorite in this book. Reading about Winter in Winter, she was kind of a burden most of the time because she was going crazy from not using her gift, but learning the reason why she doesn’t use it just made me love her character even more. Winter was so strong in this story and she impressed me so much with her willingness to stand up to Levana. Also, her relationship with Jacin was really nice.

The Little Android (4/5)

Another re-read, not much to say here actually, not my favorite in the book, but good none the less because Marissa wrote it. This was heartbreaking and amazing all in one. I THOUGHT IT WAS IKO! Well anyway, I am excited to see another android and where she will fit into the story. I loved that Cinder was in this and had like the only snarky comment.

The Mechanic (5/5)

To hear in Kai’s point of view why he was in the market that day was wonderful. The times we got to be in Kai’s POV in the series were few and far between and I’m so glad we go this.  Seeing him and Cinder and their dynamic in Cinder was wonderful and they might be my favorite pairing in this series. Also, Kai’s determination was wonderful!

Something Old, Something New (5/5)

Aw, Scarlet and Wolf got married! The impromptu wedding was adorable. I was kind of confused as to what was happening at first and then I caught on. It was nice to see the Scarlet/Winter friendship again along with a little jab at aggressive media who invade privacy. It was also really interesting to read about Cinder abolishing the monarchy in favor of a parliament. And Cinder and Kai are getting married! I want to read about their wedding too, and everyones, come on Marissa!!!



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