Lady Midnight Review!

lady midnight


Okay, so the only other Shadowhunter review I’ve done is for the TFSHA stories, so I feel the need to reiterate. I am a HUGE Shadowhunters fan, books AND show. SO obviously I made a special trip down to Barnes and Noble with my parabatai ( on March 8th and we got the book! I started reading it right away and I finished it in the span of about three days. This is not my favorite book Cassie has come out with to date, but its definitely in the top five (: The humor is wonderful, the romances are so great and the plotting and characters are even more so.



So, normally Cassie’s first books in series end up being my least favorite in their respective series. However, this first book in The Dark Artifices is my favorite intro to a series that Cassie has ever done so I think the next books will have to be really amazing to beat it, which they most likely will be, come on, its Cassie. So I’m going to take this character by character because it would be to long any other way.

Emma: Our new heroine. I adore how she blends sarcasm and also really weird tendencies together, its absolutely hilarious. My favorite example of this, she’s going to create a race of cannibal fish. One of the best exchanges in the book tbh. Emma, much like Jace from TMI is very good at detaching her feelings and doesn’t let herself feel too much of anything, except an attachment to Jules and the other Blackthorn children. I really enjoyed watching Emma realize how she is in love with Jules and seeing her let herself feel emotions for others, even if it is very sad. I love the connection and the friendship that Emma and Cristina have and I really hope that they continue to grow closer, regardless of this facade that Emma is probably going to put on with Mark to keep her and Jules safe. They are really fun friends and I hope to see SO much more of them!

Julian: HONEY LET ME HOLD YOU. This poor boy needs a vacation. For like two lifetimes. We already felt super bad for him in COHF-you know, having to kill his warped father, but he is so heartbreaking in this book. He legit handles EVERYTHING. He low-key runs the institute because Uncle Arthur can’t, He looks after EVERYONE to make sure everything is okay, and he lies to everyone saying that he is okay when he is clearly exhausted and in love with Emma! I’m sorry, I needed to get that out. I really love how even though Helen and Mark are older, Julian still feels the need to take care of them. And it is lovely. The only thing that lets Julian be truly free is when he is painting and I really loved the imagery of his paintings and how he expressed himself through them. I feel horrible for him at the end, but Emma is trying to save them both. However, this might have hardened Julian’s heart and done more bad than good…

Cristina and Diego: I adore Cristina. I love the way she speaks so poetically and is so supportive of Emma even though she might not relate to what she is going through. I was wondering what had happened to her throughout the first chunk of the book and when we found out about Diego and Jamie’s betrayal, I could not believe that anyone would want to hurt someone as wonderful as Cristina. I also love how she is so passionate about being a Shadowhunter and training. I also love how you can see her distrust of her own family, but immediately latches on to others for a connection, like Mark and Emma. Diego wasn’t in the book much, but I believe that he is really sorry for what had went down in Mexico that made Cristina leave in the first place but I wonder whose side he will take if Jamie shows up.

Mark: This boy is a treasure. Everything he said made me cry sad tears,cry happy tears or just burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I loved seeing him in the Hunt trying to hold onto his memories of being a Shadowhunter and his family. It was heart wrenching,but so well done on Cassie’s part. Him chanting “I am a Shadowhunter” in that flashback nearly sent me in to an inconsolable state. Mark has some of my favorite funny lines/scenes in the book, the two t-shirts scene, him ordering a plate of strawberries, explaining jokes is like dissecting a frog, and so many more. I love that we passed through the awkwardness of him not recognizing his family now so he can be a part of our Blackthorn crew until the Fae come in again. I also love how he has decided that he is going to be a Shadowhunter because of Kieran’s betrayal and not go back to the hunt. I mean, I’m glad Mark had Kieran to help him in the hunt but I don’t like that Kieran told on him and would get him hurt. I also ship him with Cristina…SO MUCH.

Ty and Livvy: I love how they are the institute’s resident computer experts and that they have this computer that they use together to try and find things out. They really made a great team in this book and I’m hoping to see more of them working together. In my “Lady Midnight Predictions” post a few weeks ago, I talked about how excited I was for Ty because Cassie has never written a character with a behavioral disability, Ty has autism here. I love how it is never said that he has autism, its like he doesn’t have even have that disability and all that matters to Jules is that he can reach out to Ty and connect with him. One scene that broke me was the scene in which Diana is testing them for the Clave and she knows how Ty is and she lets him wear his headphones while executing his shot with his weapon, then Arthur comes in and orders Ty to take them off, causing him to loose focus and ultimatley leading to Ty getting hurt. I started to cry so hard when Mark then deliberately hurt his hand to comfort Ty afterwards. I could just picture that so vividly and it really hit me in the heart. I love how Ty wants to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes and even though he has a hard time connecting with people, he loves his family, like in the scene near the end when he protects Livvy from an attack. (I’m sorry that I don’t remember the exact situation, at a certain point I got really excited and my notes became a mess of scribbles)

Dru and Tavvy: The two youngest Blackthorn kids didn’t have a lot of really big parts but they were still really wonderful as characters and I can’t wait to see more of them. I love seeing Dru’s relationship with Emma and her siblings and watching her grow as a person from the beginning. Tavvy is the cutest thing in the world and I loved the scene when he gave his siblings and Emma the picture book with Lady Midnight and he is being carried out because he is so sleepy and that he’s so happy that he helped! So cute! I was honestly so scared when Malcolm had him, but I’m glad he’s okay.

Diana and Malcolm: Diana is still bit elusive to me, she seems like she is hiding something and I don’t know if its going to be just bad or really bad. Because of the wonderfulness that is Magnus Bane, all Shadowhunter fans have this trust of any warlock we meet unless we are told they are bad. And to be fair, Malcolm is not 100% bad. He did go crazy, he did commit these terrible murders and cause a lot of strife, but you can understand where he is coming from. Its like the whole Magnus/Camille relationship on steroids, they were really in love and wanted to be together but that didn’t happen and all Malcolm wants is to wake her up and is willing to do whatever it takes. I don’t think that he is dead so perhaps we will be seeing him again.

Kit/Christopher and Johnny Rook: Cassie had said that we would meet two high warlocks in this book so my immediate thought was that Johnny was that other warlock besides Malcolm but I don’t think that was the case. I also don’t fully believe that Kit was his actual son, that maybe he is a mundane with the sight hired by someone to look after the only other Herondale in the world besides Jace. I don’t know, I hope we find out what and who Johnny Rook was in the coming books. I wasn’t really surprised that the lost Herondale was Kit, but I was just surprised that this was a thing that mattered here, are the Herondales going to be needed to help the Blackthorns because they’ve been close since Lucie Herondale marries Jesse Blackthorn? We shall see. I am excited to see another Herondale though. I also hope someone tells Catarina so she can come see him!

The only other thing to really talk about is what we are going to do with this parabatai curse. There is going to be a lot of Blackstairs heartbreak due to them trying to escape this but I have faith that Emma and Jules can find a way out of this and be together.


This was a really cute story! I loved checking in with our crew after TFSHA and seeing where everyone is! This is by the couple:

Clace: Her and Jace run the institute! That is so great for them and I’m happy they can finally settle down and live her life with no wars over their heads! Although I’m nervous for Clary dreading to answer Jace’s proposal…

Sizzy: AH! They’re getting married! I wish we could have seen the proposal instead of just hearing about it but I’m so happy with getting to be at their engagement party! Sizzy was wonderful in TFSHA and is even greater here!

Malec: My babies. They are so happy together! Im so happy to see them with the children and to see Alec get so protective over Rafael worrying that the Clave would find him and seeing Magnus with the kids (: I want to see more of them together, especially some family stories!

But I have a feeling that everyone is going to be dragged to L.A. for the next Dark War.We shall see.



Until Lord of Shadows everyone! Are we going to survive this trilogy? Its so heartbreaking already! I’m hopeful for the future books though! If I know Cassie, there is more amazingness to come.

-Ashley (:


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