Lady Midnight Predictions/Theories and Questions/Things I Would Like to See/Thoughts



Just some ramblings of things I’m thinking might be explored in Lady Midnight and that I want to see.


I don’t think the Malec wedding will go down because of the speech Magnus gives in Born to Endless Night about wanting the law to be changed before they get married but it could have been in the 3-4 years between, who knows.

MAX LIGHTWOOD-BANE with possible siblings maybe, Cassie said their family is growing…

Someone is married, someone got engaged (Clace and Sizzy)

Emma and Jules exploring this angst of loving your parabatai romantically

Simon’s Shadowhunter Academy friends


TIBERIUS BLACKTHORN. I am so here for Cassie writing a character with a social/behavioral disability, Ty has autism.

Did The Seelie Queen and Camille really die?

Did The Seelie Queen get pregnant with Sebastian’s baby? If so, how did that play out?

Luke and Jocelyn married life and what’s going on there, we literally waited so long

Long Malec talks about the adventures and loves that Magnus has had

Family by blood this time instead of by loving each other so much

Diving into the Blackthorn family tree and how the Lightwood/Herondale genes mixed in [Lucie Herondale married a Blackthorn (Tatiana’s son I think) and Tatiana Blackthorn was originally a Lightwood]

Jem talking to Emma and finally exploring the other side of the Carstairs family tree that has the records “lost or cannot be found”

JEM AND TESSA. Is Jem mortal now?

A new warlock maybe? Personally, I don’t think Magnus is coming out to LA to be with us because he is happy in New York with Alec…I’m not sure how I’m feeling about a new Downworlder in the crew, if there will be one at all. I will miss having Magnus if he’s not there though, he’s the ONE constant in all of Cassie’s books

Clary and Simon being parabatai!

Exploring the parabatai bond a little more than we previously have

Seeing how Robert Lightwood’s relationship with his children has changed and progressed

I think that the Fae are the new villains. Maybe not just one person, but the whole race.

Seeing more of the treatment of Helen and Mark as they are part Fae

Mark and his apparently awesome love interest (I’ve only seen through some artwork done)

I love that we’ll see Julian drawing and painting like Clary and Emma being badass and emotionally detached like Jace

Other Shadowhunter family lines maybe, like the Cartwrights from the Academy novellas

Perhaps the Fae killed Emma’s parents but then given the time it happened, I’m also inclined to believe that they might have just been in the way with Sebastian and the Endarkened

Lily being the vampire leader and seeing more of this little Shadowhunter/Downworlder group that she Maia and Alec have created.

Max playing with Chairman Meow

Simon and Alec shooting arrows together and training together

Max loving all his Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents

Maia and Bat. I’m kind of interested to see how they’ve been doing and maybe Maia will be truly happy with him


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