Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy!

Just a bit about me, I am a HUGE Shadowhunter Chronicles fan. And, I have read all the novellas! Finally! I started them when they first came out and read the first two but then I was going to wait for the windup to come out in print and read them that way (like I did with The Bane Chronicles) but Christine over at polandbananasbooks on YouTube has been raving about these so I read them marathon style.


shadowhunter academy cover

I loved these SO much and I’m going to go through these one by one (:

1. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (3.5/5)

This story seemed very generic to me. I mean, I get that this is laying the foundation and setting the story of these novellas in motion but it was not my favorite. Simon’s schoolmates are really interesting though (:

2. The Lost Herondale (3.75/5)

A little bit more interesting than the first installment. I hope we get the delve deeper into the Herondale line and meet more of them. I also want to see more of Catarina’s relationship with the baby. Any and all Herondales are essential here in the Shadowhunter fandom (;

3. The White Chapel Fiend (5/5)

TESSA! WILL! GABRIEL! CECILY! THEIR KIDDIES! AHHH SO MANY FEELS!  I loved seeing Will as a father and seeing them interact with the kids and it was also really great to see the Simon and Jace relationship start up again!

4. Nothing But Shadows (5/5)

I love James Herondale! He was so sweet and I could relate so much (: I really hope we get to see him and Matthew and the rest of the Lightwood children in The Last Hours!

5. The Evil We Love (5/5)

Valentine was nuts. Like for real. I liked this story for Robert though, got some really great insight to him as a person and as a future father to Alec and Izzy (:

6. Pale Kings and Princes (5/5)

It’s really interesting getting to know the Blackthorns for TDA (: Helen was really fascinating. Also, SIZZY!!!

7. Bitter of Tongue (5/5) 

Aw Mark ): Simon is kidnapped, as per usual. I really loved Simon’s speech and outlook on Shadowhunter/Downworlder relations. The wedding was beautiful I also loved seeing all the Blackthorn kiddies (:

8. The Fiery Trial (3.75/5)

Not my favorite but I like how we got to see the parabatai test and that Clary and Simon will be parabatai (: so great ! Something seems off about Emma and Jules being parabatai though, like they weren’t into it really…I mean I remember at the end of COHF Emma was kind of regretting her decision to become parabatai with Jules because she likes him, but I would like to see some more with them in TDA and what’s going to go down there…

9. Born to Endless Night (5/5) [a.k.a the Malec baby story]

Easily my favorite (I will go down with this ship) MALEC. I love this one! Little Max and all the Lightwoods together and being a family was wonderful (: Alec proposed and I lost my shit oh my goodness it was beautiful (: I loved seeing the work Alec has been doing with the Downworlders like Lily and just everything about this story! I also loved watching the progression that Alec has had as a character just continue to grow (: Alec is my favorite character and I just love who he has become! It was so great!

10. Angels Twice Descending (5/5)

Go Simon! You are a Shadowhunter! Yay! Poor George though ): I really liked him a lot! Why did he have to go ): I love Simon taking his last name tough (: I hope we get to see his and Clary’s parabatai ceremony (: I also hope we see his friends from school in TDA as well, they were a lot of fun (:

Let me know if you want to know my ratings for Cassie’s other Shadowhunter books and I will definitely make a whole post with all my thoughts and feels.

And I will definitely be reading and reviewing Lady Midnight! AHHH I’m so excited!


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