Glass Sword Review!

glass sword


This was just OK. I read Red Queen when it came out last year and thought it was a good start for epicness to come in the later installments…and I am sorry to say that I was mostly disappointed.

We start off where Red Queen left off and we are escaping Maven. This first chunk of the book had me a little confused as I reacquainted myself with this world and the characters but once it moved past that, it started to get really good. Until it wasn’t anymore. This book felt like a roller coaster of really epic/great scenes followed by many scenes that dragged painfully. An example of this would be when Mare gets in the fight with Maven that left her with the lightning scars, we get a great visual of how its going down and the scenery and then Mare blacks out before we really get started. The next thing we see is her waking up with Cal and Kilorn…if I remember correctly, Victoria showed us a lot of action in RQ and I just felt like it wasn’t so prevalent here.

A lot of this book’s problems for me had to do with Mare and Cal. I actually really liked them in RQ but in this book, they just seemed childish and annoying. Mare toys with this whole decision of what she will have to do with Maven throughout the ENTIRE book. I started to get really pissed off when she would say that she would never succumb to him no matter how many people he kills and what a monster he is, and then a few pages later talking about how much she loves him and must do what needs to be done to save the new bloods. Cal did this a lot too and I get that they are extremely conflicted with how they are feeling about Maven, but come on guys, make up your mind.

I also felt like we met too many new characters too quickly and we didn’t spend as much time with them as we should have. I would have liked to have some more time with these new soldiers instead of just using most of them to fight most of the the time we are with them.

The positives in this book were definitely Maven, Shade and Farley. I want a whole book on Maven honestly, he is the saving grace of this whole book and I just love how evil is. Shade was really great to read about as well, he was the comic relief at some points but still kick ass when he needed to be. I was heartbroken when he died and felt so horrible watching Farley break down. I wish we could have seen more of their relationship. I also liked seeing Mare’s relationship with Kilorn, they felt like real friends which I really enjoyed as well as Mare and her family.

I got a sort of Feyre/Rhys from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas vibe from the deal that Mare and Maven made at the end, it’ll probably be enough for me to pick up the next book next year but I’m not sure yet.

I demand more Maven in Book 3.

three stars


Lady Midnight Predictions/Theories and Questions/Things I Would Like to See/Thoughts



Just some ramblings of things I’m thinking might be explored in Lady Midnight and that I want to see.


I don’t think the Malec wedding will go down because of the speech Magnus gives in Born to Endless Night about wanting the law to be changed before they get married but it could have been in the 3-4 years between, who knows.

MAX LIGHTWOOD-BANE with possible siblings maybe, Cassie said their family is growing…

Someone is married, someone got engaged (Clace and Sizzy)

Emma and Jules exploring this angst of loving your parabatai romantically

Simon’s Shadowhunter Academy friends


TIBERIUS BLACKTHORN. I am so here for Cassie writing a character with a social/behavioral disability, Ty has autism.

Did The Seelie Queen and Camille really die?

Did The Seelie Queen get pregnant with Sebastian’s baby? If so, how did that play out?

Luke and Jocelyn married life and what’s going on there, we literally waited so long

Long Malec talks about the adventures and loves that Magnus has had

Family by blood this time instead of by loving each other so much

Diving into the Blackthorn family tree and how the Lightwood/Herondale genes mixed in [Lucie Herondale married a Blackthorn (Tatiana’s son I think) and Tatiana Blackthorn was originally a Lightwood]

Jem talking to Emma and finally exploring the other side of the Carstairs family tree that has the records “lost or cannot be found”

JEM AND TESSA. Is Jem mortal now?

A new warlock maybe? Personally, I don’t think Magnus is coming out to LA to be with us because he is happy in New York with Alec…I’m not sure how I’m feeling about a new Downworlder in the crew, if there will be one at all. I will miss having Magnus if he’s not there though, he’s the ONE constant in all of Cassie’s books

Clary and Simon being parabatai!

Exploring the parabatai bond a little more than we previously have

Seeing how Robert Lightwood’s relationship with his children has changed and progressed

I think that the Fae are the new villains. Maybe not just one person, but the whole race.

Seeing more of the treatment of Helen and Mark as they are part Fae

Mark and his apparently awesome love interest (I’ve only seen through some artwork done)

I love that we’ll see Julian drawing and painting like Clary and Emma being badass and emotionally detached like Jace

Other Shadowhunter family lines maybe, like the Cartwrights from the Academy novellas

Perhaps the Fae killed Emma’s parents but then given the time it happened, I’m also inclined to believe that they might have just been in the way with Sebastian and the Endarkened

Lily being the vampire leader and seeing more of this little Shadowhunter/Downworlder group that she Maia and Alec have created.

Max playing with Chairman Meow

Simon and Alec shooting arrows together and training together

Max loving all his Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents

Maia and Bat. I’m kind of interested to see how they’ve been doing and maybe Maia will be truly happy with him

Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy!

Just a bit about me, I am a HUGE Shadowhunter Chronicles fan. And, I have read all the novellas! Finally! I started them when they first came out and read the first two but then I was going to wait for the windup to come out in print and read them that way (like I did with The Bane Chronicles) but Christine over at polandbananasbooks on YouTube has been raving about these so I read them marathon style.


shadowhunter academy cover

I loved these SO much and I’m going to go through these one by one (:

1. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (3.5/5)

This story seemed very generic to me. I mean, I get that this is laying the foundation and setting the story of these novellas in motion but it was not my favorite. Simon’s schoolmates are really interesting though (:

2. The Lost Herondale (3.75/5)

A little bit more interesting than the first installment. I hope we get the delve deeper into the Herondale line and meet more of them. I also want to see more of Catarina’s relationship with the baby. Any and all Herondales are essential here in the Shadowhunter fandom (;

3. The White Chapel Fiend (5/5)

TESSA! WILL! GABRIEL! CECILY! THEIR KIDDIES! AHHH SO MANY FEELS!  I loved seeing Will as a father and seeing them interact with the kids and it was also really great to see the Simon and Jace relationship start up again!

4. Nothing But Shadows (5/5)

I love James Herondale! He was so sweet and I could relate so much (: I really hope we get to see him and Matthew and the rest of the Lightwood children in The Last Hours!

5. The Evil We Love (5/5)

Valentine was nuts. Like for real. I liked this story for Robert though, got some really great insight to him as a person and as a future father to Alec and Izzy (:

6. Pale Kings and Princes (5/5)

It’s really interesting getting to know the Blackthorns for TDA (: Helen was really fascinating. Also, SIZZY!!!

7. Bitter of Tongue (5/5) 

Aw Mark ): Simon is kidnapped, as per usual. I really loved Simon’s speech and outlook on Shadowhunter/Downworlder relations. The wedding was beautiful I also loved seeing all the Blackthorn kiddies (:

8. The Fiery Trial (3.75/5)

Not my favorite but I like how we got to see the parabatai test and that Clary and Simon will be parabatai (: so great ! Something seems off about Emma and Jules being parabatai though, like they weren’t into it really…I mean I remember at the end of COHF Emma was kind of regretting her decision to become parabatai with Jules because she likes him, but I would like to see some more with them in TDA and what’s going to go down there…

9. Born to Endless Night (5/5) [a.k.a the Malec baby story]

Easily my favorite (I will go down with this ship) MALEC. I love this one! Little Max and all the Lightwoods together and being a family was wonderful (: Alec proposed and I lost my shit oh my goodness it was beautiful (: I loved seeing the work Alec has been doing with the Downworlders like Lily and just everything about this story! I also loved watching the progression that Alec has had as a character just continue to grow (: Alec is my favorite character and I just love who he has become! It was so great!

10. Angels Twice Descending (5/5)

Go Simon! You are a Shadowhunter! Yay! Poor George though ): I really liked him a lot! Why did he have to go ): I love Simon taking his last name tough (: I hope we get to see his and Clary’s parabatai ceremony (: I also hope we see his friends from school in TDA as well, they were a lot of fun (:

Let me know if you want to know my ratings for Cassie’s other Shadowhunter books and I will definitely make a whole post with all my thoughts and feels.

And I will definitely be reading and reviewing Lady Midnight! AHHH I’m so excited!