Banished Review!


Early copy for review provided by HarperCollins through Edelweiss. All opinions are my own.


Thank you so much to HarperCollins for sending and early copy of this my way!

Last year, I read Forbidden and thought that it was good, but it needed some work and expansion; and that’s exactly what Banished did.This installment in this trilogy does not at all fall into the sequel slump, but sets the bar very high for the final installment.

We meet up with Jayden after she has fled from her tribe, and her betrothed, Horeb, and is trying to survive the harsh desert, and trying to find her beloved Kadesh. This story begins with a bang and doesn’t let up until the very last line. Kimberley Griffiths Little has become a master of pacing a plot in a way that balances the intense parts with the slow and quiet parts, while keeping the reader interested. This book was well rounded, and Just so, so good.

I love the characters in this series and their relationships with each other. Jayden and Kadesh have only grown immensely from their naiveté of Forbidden and have not wavered in their feelings and trust for each other and they have not entered into the cliched love triangle either. I love how Kimberley Griffiths Little trusts the central plot of her story enough to not have a minor plot point centered around relationship problems. I also really liked the familial relationships and obligations that Jayden felt to her father, sisters and grandmother. Hell, she even caused some plans to be detoured to find her family members, caring more about their safety than moving to preserve her own. Jayden has grown up a lot since we first met her and I think that is a great choice by Kimberley Griffiths Little. I was extremely heartbroken when their wedding ceremony got destroyed, very much so.

Another thing that I loved about not only this book, but Forbidden as well, was that the setting is not just a backdrop, but seems as though it is a character itself. The vast expanse of the Mesopotamian desert and the surrounding areas is gorgeous and beautiful in some cases, adding a sense of wonder to some scenes – like the scene when Jayden saw Kadesh’s kingdom for the first time, and it can be harsh and unforgiving, making the scene at hand even more bleak- like the scene in the beginning when Jayden is trying to cross the harsh desert. A lot of the time, the setting just seems like a backdrop, but here it feels like so much more than that.

I really enjoyed how Kimberley Griffiths Little has written a bridge book between the introduction and the conclusion while still keeping the reader interested and avoiding the second book slump.

Rating: 5 stars! If I could give it more, I would.


Ashley K (:  


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