New Batch of Review Copies!

God bless Edelweiss. Seriously. And Harper Collins. I now have a new batch of early copies to read and review!

Reviews to come:

Banished (Forbidden #2) by Kimberley Griffiths Little. Published 2/2/2016.


Forbidden had to have been the fastest 400 pages I have ever read in my life and I am super excited to have the sequel. I am currently reading this and I am loving it so far. Kimberley just makes the setting its own character in this book and the story is just non stop action so far!


Kingdom of Ashes (A Wicked Thing #2) by Rhiannon Thomas. Published 2/23/2016.

kingdom of ashes

A Wicked Thing was a super interesting take on Sleeping Beauty last year and I really enjoyed reading it, so I am super excited to jump into the sequel and see where this story goes!


Ruined (Untitled #1) by Amy Tintera. Published 5/3/2016.


I absolutely loved Amy’s Reboot duology and I am super excited to read her next book! I am also really happy that she is writing more on the fantasy side with this, from what I gather anyway, than the Sci-Fi with Reboot.


Traitor Angels by Anne Blankman. Published 5/3/2016.

traitor angels

I have been trying to get an early copy of this for quite some time now, so I’m so glad I have this! I loved Anne Blackman’s previous historical fiction novels Prisoner of Night and Fog and Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke, so I am excited to read this new work by her.


The Crown’s Game (The Crown’s Game #1) by Evelyn Skye. Published 5/17/2016.

crowns game

I have been with this book since the beginning of 2015 when it was still entitled The Tsar’s Game. I even have the bookmarks that were sent out by Evelyn who is such a sweet person and deserves all the success she is bound to get. I have been trying to get an early copy of this book anyway humanly possible so I’m glad that I finally have one and can dive into this world.


This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity #1) by Victoria Schwab. Published 6/7/2016.

this savage song

I just love Victoria Schwab’s novels and her as a human. I’m still in awe that I have received this and am sure that I will definitely love it!

Happy reading!

Ashley K (:



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