The Unexpected Everything Review!

the unexpected everything

Thanks to Edelweiss for an early copy of this! All opinions are my own.

Let me just begin by saying, I adore Morgan Matson’s books.

I have read every book she has published, and you should too, and they are all amazing. I am glad to say that The Unexpected Everything is just as great (:

In this novel, we follow Alexandra “Andie” Walker who is a politician’s daughter who often doesn’t let herself feel things to the fullest and ends things before they can get too messy and complicated. She is caught up in the middle of a campaign scandal for her father and her summer plans get ruined because of it. She ends up taking a dog walking job and forms a friendship, and relationship, with one of the owners (who he is is a spoiler, so I’m not saying here (: ).

I loved the relationships within this book and how we get to see Andie grow and allow herself to feel everything around her and finally deal with some things, along with making her happy and getting her out of the place she’s been kind of stuck in. The growth of her relationship with her father was a definite high point for me, and seeing her be able to grow in other ways because of it was even better.

As per usual, the romance is sweet, but believable for the situation Morgan creates in the story. I really enjoyed watching Andie let herself go in a sense and be happy with someone, while breaking her “three week rule”. The cast of supporting characters are wonderful too, especially Andie’s friends and Andie’s employers. They make the story even more well rounded than it already is and shows that sometimes, friendship is tough. I also really loved the use of animals in this book, Bertie was just the sweetest and funniest dog and I just wanted him to be real.

Overall, another successful and amazing book from Morgan Matson. I will read whatever she writes and I am hoping to get lucky enough to get digital ARCs of all her books to come (:

A new favorite for sure (:





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