Frozen Tides Review!

frozen tides


Just a short little review for this one. My first read of 2016. I really liked this one, but its wasn’t the epicness I was hoping for.

Some parts were epic, some felt out of place. This was definitely not my favorite of the series, it felt more like a filler book to the final two. There were also some character developments that seemed either forced or unnecessary.

It doesn’t seem to stand on its own in terms of a lot happening but it did have its moments that made it epic and amazing. One of those highlights being Amara, the princess that you do not want to mess with. I am looking forward to seeing how she affects our main crew.

I also loved Lucia’s transformation throughout this book from cold and vindictive to actually compassionate and feeling, like she was in the first book. I also loved Jonas’s parts and Cleo and Magnus of course. I just wish we could spend a little more time in Magnus’s head just because he is such a complex character and a really interesting one. I also don’t understand why a certain character, who was awesome, had to meet their demise. Ugh, Morgan.

I can’t wait to see what this sets up for the last two books and I am excited (:

Ashley K.


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