Soundless Review!


I absolutely loved all of  Richelle’s books up until Soundless‘s release, so when people were saying that this was just okay, I really didn’t have high expectations going into this. But personally, I really enjoyed this one. Granted, Vampire Academy and Bloodlines still are far superior in their storytelling, this had its high points too.

The characters were really well done. Richelle takes her main characters seriously as always and delivers an amazing one in Fei. I liked seeing her go through being so sold on their way of life and then slowly realizing that things were truly wrong. She was vulnerable and thoughtful and all together well rounded, I liked her a lot. I also liked the relationships that she had with other characters, both romantic and familial. I also really loved the settings and how strikingly different they were. We get to see one city thriving with food and metals and supplies while the other is starving and desolate. Richelle’s ability to create a clear image shines through here.

However, I didn’t like how short this was. With this story, I think that Richelle could have made this longer or even a duology. The story has so many elements that just felt wrapped up too nicely and too quickly for me to be truly satisfied with the ending. While I did really like the concept, the characters and the setting, the development of the story is what brings this down.



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