Carry On Review!



After reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell last year, I was certainly excited to see what the world of Simon Snow was like. And, I was not disappointed.

I have been following Katytastic on her social medias for a long time and she and I have similar tastes in books (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Raven Boys, etc). So when she became obsessed with this book in particular (and still is, check her Twitter for proof), I had to move this up my pile. And while I did not love this book, I did enjoy it a lot.

This book is split up into “books” that act as parts. Book One was painfully slow. We spend the entire section building this world and looking for Baz (who has not shown up yet). Once Baz does show up, the story’s pace progressively gets faster. The characters as per usual with Rainbow, are amazing. Baz is a new favorite, along with Simon and Penelope, they were just off the charts awesome. However, I did find some parts of the plot too fast or too slow or not as explained as I would have liked.

For instance, the Mage’s story arc throughout the book was kind of confusing to me. I had trouble understanding what he was trying to accomplish with Lucy along with his ultimate death by the hands of Simon. Some of the action sequences went a little too fast as well, but nothing too bad.

Simon and Baz. A new ship to go along with Cath and Levi. I adored these two together. I also loved Baz’s thoughts regarding Simon and their relationship throughout, how he felt conflicted with his feelings and unsure of himself despite his confident and aloof personality. However, I did feel that they kind of immediately went from being enemies on a truce (still laughing from when they explained that one to Penelope and Agatha) to boyfriends. But I did like that they weren’t all happy and sunshine after that, they went through problems that couples do, just magicked in this case.

A few confusions and some dragging parts. But all together, a great Rainbow Rowell book (:

four half-stars


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